No Limits

It appears that even Playboy has their standards of decency. After finding out that Jesus posed on the cover of their Portugal edition with a naked woman (you should click on that one) Playboy broke ties with its Portuguese partner, Frestacom-Lisbon Media Publishing claiming a “shocking breach of our standards.” Standards? This from the company that brings you “Nude College Girls”, “Big Butt”, and “Nude Milfs” (sorry, no click throughs).

And apparently Ann Chapman has hers as well. She is suing her ex-husband for selling topless puitures of her to a London tabloid, and making false statemnets about Miss Chapman’s family. So it is okay to send government secrets, but family secrets are off limits. Well, if she took anything away from her time in the US it was that you can never have enough good divorce lawyers.

On a more personal note I am still getting over Tuesday night’s viewing of “Twilight, Eclipse”.  No, it was not particularly scary or gory, but packed in between the 3 minutes of action sequences was 120 minutes of badly portrayed teenage love angst, from which I have not yet fully recovered. And why doesn’t Edward have any lips? Is this a new vampire thing? No lips?  The only good thing to come out of that movie was the valedictory speech that one of her friends gives, basically saying that graduating seniors should have no idea of what they are going to do. Take it as it comes, make mistakes, have some fun. This was great advice when I was graduating high school. Not such great advice when my daughter is graduating.

Have a great summer.

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